Sustainability, the Smarter Way

Sapscon has also joined others in the race to create a better space in the world.

We know that building ‘green’ is both good for us and our clients, and that it is essentially the right thing to do. As we continue to deepen, broaden and refine sustainable construction practices.

Sustainability: A Definition Beyond Green Buildings

At Sapscon, when we discuss our commitment to sustainability, we are indicating about delivering green buildings with minimal environment impacts. Sapscon always emphasizes the need for empowering the staff with skills to improve environmental metrics.

As a leading green builder in Goa, we believe in managing our company in a sustainable manner, taking up responsibility for analysing the effect of work at jobsite on the surrounding communities. Sapscon tries to ensure that all the staff has a healthy and safe work environment.

Training Our Employees

Sapscon provides training for sustainable practices to employees.

We know that building ‘green’ is both good for us and our clients, and that it is essentially the right thing to do. As we continue to deepen, broaden and refine sustainable construction practices.

We are concerned with the environmental impact of its construction work in the state. Sapscon engages in sustainable construction practice by utilizing waste by-products such as slag and fly ash to manufacture blended cement that helps conserve limestone resources. Also, Sapscon is an advocate of environment-friendly projects, including the use of concrete to build roads in the country.

At Sapscon, the main attributes of sustainable buildings are:

  • Promoting sustainability at each phase of building planning and designing
  • Considering sustainability aspects during the production of building materials
  • Use of eco-friendly construction raw materials
  • Use of globally accredited energy efficient technology
  • Prioritizing comfort and health of occupiers, users and visitors
  • Utilizing fewer resources, producing fewer greenhouse gases and creating less waste
  • Sustainable Choice of Construction Materials

Being a sector with the highest consumption of raw materials, construction and civil works need to carefully choose materials and structures to reduce the impact on both environment and health. At Sapscon we realize the fact that construction site materials have a big role to play in the subsequent maintenance of buildings and the health of the users.

Sapscon makes efforts to reduce the use of resources and energy, building waste and nuisance from the noise and machine vibration from the site of construction work. We believe that significant environmental gains can be achieved through eco-friendly management of construction sites. At Sapscon, our team sets standards and guidelines for the construction site for a given project.

Sustainable Construction Planning

Sapscon in collaboration with contractors and the consultants use site planning at a construction jobsite and dig out eco-friendly choice of machinery and work practices to ensure that the surrounding is least hampered by vibration, noise, dust air pollution and odours.

Motor-run vehicles certified as per Euro IV or Euro V standard are used for construction purposes. Sapscon strictly adheres to instructions, permits and guidelines from the state environmental department in handling groundwater and soil in civil works and construction projects. We make sure that fencing around construction sites must be at a distance from tree trunks. Also, green areas are protected by setting aside environment-friendly zones by watering during the construction period.

Striving for a Culture of Safety

We understand the rights of our employees to a healthy and safe workplace. Sapscon’s work culture embraces the right to safer jobsite practices for contractors, employees, clients and employees. Sapscon’s team comprises LEED certified construction managers who lead the projects with sustainable practices to ensure proper utilization of strategies at the construction phase. We provide pre- construction services to support a clearer understanding of construction logistics for enhanced sustainable technologies. At construction sites, before the first shovel hits the ground, Sapscon works with our colleagues and clients to come up with plans to balance the environmental and social impact of a project.