Ethics And Compliance

Since its inception in 2010, Sapscon Engineering Constructions has conducted its operations with an unswerving commitment to integrity and honesty.

At Sapscon, practicing ethical activities is our core value. As a leading construction company in Goa, Sapscon delivers projects pertaining to pharma, paint, electronics manufacturing, chemical processing and FMCU projects across the state.

Ethics training is organized every year, as a part of the best practices program, where in each employee is equipped with skills and knowledge to make excellent decisions. They are also trained to seek adequate input from senior staff members with unparalleled expertise.

As an advocate of developing ethical practices, Sapscon is committed to unequalled levels of conduct, ethics and compliance, to facilitate the sharing of best practices and industry-compliant construction activities.

At Sapscon, we strive to maintain high ethical standards and comply with applicable laws, regulations and rules. Adherence to a highly ethical policy, helps us succeed in the day to day operations, and maintain the confidence of our communities and clients, with whom we work. We make sure that all our employees work within the confines of this policy.

Best Practices In Construction

Sapscon’s objective is to address the compliance and ethics risk pertaining to the construction industry. We craft policies complaint to emerging and current ethics issues. In our organization, we advise our employees to confidentially report, without fear of punishment, or an ethics violation.

In fact, Sapscon has outlined a code of conduct policy for all employees to adhere to expected behaviours. Sapscon wishes to conduct its business utmost fairly in an ethical and impartial manner, in complete compliance with Indians laws and regulations. Integrity is the corner stone of any budding organization. In our case, we ensure that honesty underlines our relationships with suppliers, communities, customers and employees.

Emphasis On Workplace Ethics

We do not compromise on integrity and honesty at Sapscon. It is required of Sapscon employees to perform well, sticking to their company responsibilities. SEmployees shall not engage in activities, which can raise questions about the reputation of Sapscon Engineering Constructions or bring about dishonour.

People associated with Sapscon will not engage in activities, which create a conflict of interest for the enterprise or for themselves individually. Observance of fair practices is the foundation for all interactions and transactions at our organization. Our employees and associated partners have the freedom to report to any unethical or illegal conduct to the appropriate authorities.

Sapscon sincerely encourages each employee to request guidance, ask questions and report violations of the ethical code of conduct. Moreover, we discourage retaliation against employees who come forward to raise ‘genuine’ concerns.