Employee Growth

At Sapscon, as an employee, you get the chance to collaborate and learn.

Also, you get an opportunity to pride in the fact that your contributions in the company have a direct impact on its success. We know that our workforce is the best, and that they also deserve the best. Our learning environment encourages professional and personal growth and gives each individual access to resources with which they can advance their careers. At Sapscon, we bring the latest technology and best practices to our work. The members of our team are encouraged to create their own career path and receive opportunities to make their goals a reality. We provide workshops, seminars, resources and assessments geared towards enhancing the employee-employer relationship. Our construction supervision team comprises 55 members and the administration unit has a strength of 17 members. Our company has a worker strength of 400 employees.

Build Networks And Relationships

As an eminent organization, Sapscon strives to keep its reputation, and this implies hiring the best talents in the industry. Our illustrious skill training and professional development program, along with emolument packages have helped fetch us the title of ‘best employer’ in the industry.

We know that life-work balance is vital for younger employees in the construction field. We offer flexible work schedules, sabbaticals and special initiatives to help our employees maintain a healthy work-life balance. Sapscon identifies high-performing employees with potential and allocates resources to them. This is done by providing them with adequate professional development, structured mentoring and career path planning. We use a benchmarking methodology to link the overall performance of a company and employee performance data.

At Sapscon, the key element is to build networks and relationships. We are committed to the communities we serve. It gives us the opportunity to get acquainted with our co-workers. Maintaining a healthy balance between your personal time and work is critical. At Sapscon we invest a good amount of time in employee career development through orientation, coaching, feedback and training programs. We have developed a culture of engagement, so that the employees can work in a manner to build a sense of engagement across various levels of the enterprise.