Creating Quality Urban Lifestyles

Sapscon’s success story is a tale of commitment and ambition.
The founders believe that dedication is the sole key to success.

The company gives its best shot on a project, regardless of how big or small it is! At Sapscon, it is a rule to never procrastinate or compromise. The team’s unshakeable faith, coupled with a hands-on approach in carrying out projects within the stipulated deadline has steered Sapscon to its phenomenal rise and glory.
A pioneer in industrial engineering construction companies, Sapscon was founded in 2010 under the aegis of Engineer Satish Nair and Engineer Sujata Patil. The founders have made it a point to oversee every activity that happens at Sapscon.

Building the Future

Sapscon remains true to the principles on which it was founded: putting safety as a priority, providing unparalleled service to the clients and fostering innovation.


Our Mantra

At Sapscon, we stand by the same “success mantra” of credible organizations – dream bigger, work harder. The positive and constructive feedback from our peers and clients has motivated our team to perform excel time and again. The company was founded on the cornerstone of creating a superlative industrial eco- system, where excellence is strictly a “norm”. Sapscon is spearheaded by a dedicated construction team of highly motivated supervisors and engineers.

More than 15 Projects in the Past Five Years

Sapscon Engineering Constructions Pvt Ltd thrives on its strong will power to provide value to the customers. We believe in perfecting our past knowledge. Our expertise makes us perform faster and better. Sapscon’s pursuit of excellence reflects its passion to achieve customer delight.

Skill Expertise

The team at Sapscon has unbending standards of quality, safety and value engineering. Sapscon has a self-motivated management team and a dedicated construction team. The company has a central warehouse for critical material storage, and an inhouse fabrication facility in Madkaim Industrial Estate for projects. Sapscon is dedicated to sustainable engineering & construction services in areas such as facility maintenance after construction, civil construction, PHE engineering, interiors & finishing work, roofing solutions, and structural fabrication & erection.



Sapscon has a diverse portfolio in industries like pharma, chemical processing, paint, electronics manufacturing and FMCUs across Goa. We also undertake key projects in civil, structural and plumbing in industrial construction..